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Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
out of schools. the defense department spends about a billion dollars for medical expenses related to over weight. >>> we are working for you trying to help you trim your waist line and cut the food bump budget. we went shopping to find how to eaton a smart budget. first the produce ace ill. the cheapest is the ones in season. buying them whole and cutting them up will save a lot of money. next meat and poultry, by adding a dried beans to a recipe and like produce buy an item whole. >> one to save is to buy a whole chicken rather than a part. you can use them throughout the week and save the phones. >> planning paysu. one of the best ways to save, plan meals, make a grocery list and stick to it. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> and take a look at shot, just the clouds in place. 66 right now at 11:00. now the humidity at 65%. dew points running in to the 50s at this hour. you can thank that southwest wind at just about five. temperatures on the boards, pair of sixes, hagerstown66, eastern shore numbers, pack river close to 70, maybe 75 today. a good amount of sun. that
Sep 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >> forever stand here at orioles park at camden yards and it's about his defense. >> i have been waiting 15 years for this. this is great. on a day that brooks the greatest of all time gets honored. the yankees loose and we tie for first place and never look back. world series here we come. >> reporter: do we dare to dream? do we dare to dream? please do not tell anyone that our secret is that our legends are watching over us and that the nicest one of them all has just joined the team. >> i just want to say to all of you fans here, i don't like to call you fans. i like to call you friends. [applause] you have been so wonderful to me and my wife, since i came to baltimore, back in 1955 but i just want to tell you how much you fans mean to me. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> all right. we have showers earlier. everything clearing up nicely. here is the radar. notice again everything clearing pretty nicely. notice the source back effort eastern shore. you notice also the clouds also pushing off toward the south and the east. we will see clear sykes later this evening and that will allow for the te
Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
salmonella after eating it. >>> since the iphone 5 release apple has been on the defense. there were a few glitches in the operating system and the map application. now there may be a bug putting you over your data limit. verizon customers noticed their data disappearing even when the phones were on wifi. verizon says they will not charge for the overage and put in a software fix. >>> families have been opening their mail to learn that their daughter has been invited to take part in a beauty contest. who is behind the letters? we check it out so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: every young girl dreams of being a beauty queen. when a letter shows up in the mail saying your daughter is selected for a beauty pageant it is tough to say no, but many times it leads to expense and disappointment. what teen would not want to walk down a run way in front of a crowd. this 13 year old was thrilled to receive an invitation to a pageant. the 2012 miss teen contest. >> we received a letter at the house that said someone had referred her to be a participant in this pageant. >> reporter: the m
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3